A master percussionist from Ghana

Winchester Niitete Boye a master percussionist from Ghana was born in Accra the capital city of Ghana.He was born in a great families(Amoo,Boye and Addy families)and he was brought up in a strict Amoo`s families. The Amoo`s families play,dance,sing and make the drums themselves ti keep the good sound in the family.They play the traditional rhythm and dance to their ancestors.Amoo`s drums sound are highly created and this make their drum music getting high reputation in the National Music Theatre.Now they are well know in Ghana and famous in other counties in the world.

Winchester niitete boye recovered he will be a great percussionist at the age of 8 year,and he started playing the bell part when ever the families are playing and from the he started playing the drums too.His uncle David Nii Amoo was the head of the Dance Company of Ghana(Ghana Dance Ensemble).David anticipated the future of Niitete`s drumming and that makes David started teaching his family serious in order to create a music group of his own and that make Niitete developed his drumming skills unexpected rate and Niitete became the lead drumming of the group.
David desired a higher level from Niitete and had a traditional teachers to teach Niitete the other traditional music.

At the age of 16 years,niitete had mastered the traditional music and started playing with the teachers ,which surprised them and others.
Niitete joined and play with many groups in Ghana and international tours.

In January 2001,he was on japanmese TV show called ''Ururun Taizaki''as a story of Japanese actor shuji kashiwabara meets percussion builders in Ghana.He move to japan in 2004.

Winchester Niitete Boye is not only good at his traditional music but adopts to various style of music like JAZZ,BLUES,ROCK,HIPHOP,POPS AND REGGEA.He has been playing with musician with strong personalities.He comes out with new charm every time whenever he plays his music.